Thursday, August 18, 2016


Reference Number: LP-I1-0001


Turnover: As is where is, 
Type: Commercial Lot
Classification: For Sale
Rental Fee: P 13,200.00/sqm
Payment Terms: Cash or Best Offer

Total Lot Area: 4,666 sqm
Lot 13 - 2,269 sqm
Lot 14 - 2,397 sqm
Total Frontage: 199.82 meters
Lot 13 - 64.45 meters
Lot 14 - 135.92 meters

Highest and Best Use:
1. Logistic cold storage and processing plant (marine products, fruits,
vegetables and meat products, cereals) and repacking, distribution oint and
transshpment cold storae centre.

2. Automotive Service Center

3. Warehouse and distribution center for dry goods (beer, softdrinks,canned

goods, cereals, rice, construction/hardware items, household appliances,
electronics, electrical appliances and components, texttiles ad others).

4. Other purposes requiring several entrances-exits to the area like Call

Centers, BPO's, Technical Schools, etc.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Lump sum price for the property is P 61,591,200.00, "As is where is"


2. Payment Terms: Cash or Best Offer

3. Real Estate taxes up to the time of consummation of the sale and capital

gains tax shall be paid and for the account of SELLER. Transfer Taxes,
Documentary Stamps ad other costs and expenses of the
transfer/registration of ownership of the properties shall be paid and for the
account of the BUYER.

4. The sale of the prime real estate properties shall be subject to the final

approval of the SELLERS's Board of Directors.

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