Thursday, August 4, 2016


Reference Number: SUN-T1-0001


Turnover: Ready to Use Standard Factory Building
Factory Warehouse
 For Sale
Lot Area:
smallest size 3,038 sqm
Floor Area
: 1700 sqm
Structural cost:
 P 38,400,000.00
Lot Price: P 5,000 per sqm
Target industries: Domestic and International

  • With Office area
  • Delivery bay
  • Loading Dock
  • With CR
  • Electrical Room
  • Parking area


As a township accredited by PEZA, an investment promotion agency attached to the Department of Trade and Industry, it offers investors a variety of fiscal and non-fiscal benefits.

  •  Income tax holiday or exemption from corporate income tax for four to eight years. Special 5% tax rate on gross income after the income tax holiday period.
  • Exemption from national and local taxes.
  • Exemption from wharfage dues, export tax impost or fees.
  • Duty-free importation of capital equipment, spare parts, materials and supplies.
  • Tax credit on domestic capital equipment.
  • Additional deduction for training expenses for labor and management.
  • Additional deduction for labor expenses (50% of wages corresponding to increment in number of direct labor subject to certain conditions)
  • Resident status for foreign investors and immediate family members.
  •  Employment of foreign nationals
  • Automated import and export permit system
  • Simplified import-export procedures

Philippine Economic Zone Authority Incentives
  •    Income Tax Holiday (ITH)  or  Exemption  from  Corporate  Income Tax for four years, extendable to a maximum of eight years.
  •  After the ITH period, payment of the special 5% Tax on Gross Income, in lieu of all national and local taxes.
  •  Exemption from duties and taxes on imported capital equipment, spare parts, supplies and raw materials.
  •  Domestic sales allowance of up to 30% of total sales.
  • Zero Value Added Tax (VAT) Rate on local purchases to include telecommunications, power and water bills.
  • Exemption from payment of local government taxes and fees. 

Why Invest in the Philippines?

  • Strategic location in Asia
  • World’s Best Country in Business English  (Based on 2012 Business EnglishIndex Study by the Global English Corporation).
  • Filipino workers are Global knowledge workers.
  •  Filipinos have a fast learning curve.  It only takes two weeks to train them.
  •  Business-friendly policies, simplified investment procedures and 100% Foreign ownership of companies.
  • Most popular expansion destination of American companies in Asia (Based on survey of the  US  Chambers  of  Commerce  in  ASEAN, published in Manila Bulletin on September 4, 2012).
  • Offers hospitable environment for expatriates.

Why Invest in Cavite?
  • With six major entry and exit points
  •  Proximity to urban centers, trading hubs and international gateways
  •  Urbanization effort through major infrastructure projects are under way
  •  Rich in human resources
  • With easy access to service providers
  • Ideal setting for relaxation

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