RE/MAX Synergy is a real estate brokerage firm which is part of a global RE/MAX brand that has a very solid reputation and expertise in real estate industry. As a franchise of RE/MAX brand, RE/MAX Synergy integrate the foundation of brand awareness, integrity, and credibility with a team of highly trained and passionate real estate professionals. Currently, RE/MAX has over 125,000 agents in 8,000 offices across 100 countries, making it the number one real estate franchise in the world. RE/MAX Synergy is owned and operated by Monticielo Commercial Realty.

We strive to provide excellent and professional real estate services to the clients, property owners and fellow real estate professionals. 

To be the most trusted brokerage firm that produces top real estate professionals by helping them succeed and achieve high earning potential.


INTEGRITY - Our team is committed to exercise honesty and truthfulness in all our transactions and with the people we are dealing with.

TRANSPARENCY - The team has a high sense of accountability to make sure excellence is being delivered. Open communication is being observed at all times to address immediate concerns.

CONFIDENCE - We believes that a mastery of work brings confidence. 

URGENCY - We value our clients. Thus, providing them the services they need in a timely and most efficient manner is our utmost priority.

CONSISTENCY - This is our strong foundation. Consistency creates discipline. When we become consistent in what we do, we begin a good disciplinary habit, getting closer to achieving our goal.


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