MontiCielo Commercial Realty (MCCR) is a commercial Real Estate Brokerage which focuses in commercial and industrial properties (Office, Retail, Vacant Lot, Warehouse, etc) that are for lease and sale in the Manila, Pasay, Paranaque, Las Pinas, Muntinlupa and Cavite.

Company History

MCCR was founded in July 26, 2016 by Reymond and Joanna Cielo, a dynamic couple who have been in the real estate industry for 3 years now. Their humble beginnings started by joining RentcentralPH(RCPH), a real estate  brokerage established by its licensed broker Hero Enal, in 2012. Reymond worked as Property Sourcer who was in-charged in looking for properties and partnering with property owners. He honed his skills as well as Client Specialist at the same time by assisting the customers to close the deal with the property owners  while his wife Joanna was one of the marketing specialists who  handled more than hundreds of client inquiries.

With their zeal and enthusiasm in their new career, both of them became pillars of RCPH and later on managed the commercial real estate operations in South of Metro Manila as District Managers. With God’s grace they leased out more or less 8,000 sqm2 of space in South Metro Manila area.

They had envisioned to have their own real estate brokerage. Reymond is now a licensed real estate broker and Joanna continuously mastering marketing development. The couple’s drive for success and passion for this industry gives way to the birth of MontiCielo Commercial Realty together with their team who believes in their vision.

Their team is composed of dynamic individuals who are committed to provide quality service to Clients, Property Owners, Building Admins and Partner Developers, with high sense of Integrity, Transparency, Urgency and Confidence.


We strive to provide excellent Real Estate services to our Clients, Property Owners, Building Administrators and Partner Developers with integrity, transparency, urgency and confidence. 


To be one of the most trusted Real Estate service providers in the Philippines.

  • Integrity - our team is committed to exercise honesty and truthfulness in all our transactions and with the people we are dealing with.
  • Transparency - The team has a high sense of accountability to make sure excellence is being delivered. Open communication is being observed at all times to address immediate concerns.
  • Urgency - We value our clients. Thus, providing them the services they need in a timely and most efficient manner is our utmost priority.
  • Confidence - MCCR believes that a mastery of work brings confidence. Hence, MCCR is composed of highly trained and reliable individuals.

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